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THE BIBLE - The Verdict of History - PAL (Ketab Moghadas- Ghezavate Tarikh)
Product Code: C18

VerdictOfHistoryکتابمقدس - قضاوت تاریخ
£12.00 each Weight: 123 g



In PAL format (For Europian DVD systems)

A Journey In The British Museum & The British Library

THE BIBLE is the most important and the most popular book in human history. It is crucial not only to Christianity, but also to Judaism and Islam. Is it reliable? Can we trust it? Should we trust it?

This is a series that was produced by 222 Ministires International to be broadcast to a Farsi speaking audience via satellite. Due to the high interst in this series it is now produced in English.

The series records a journey through various historical periods to test the reliability of the Bible by examining a number of preserved artefacts, monuments and documents. In each episode the journey follows a section of the tour led by Jay Smith and is followed by the discussion of some of the issues raised in the tour with the host of the program, Dr. Sasan Tavassoli.

Presentor: Dr. Sasan Tavassoli

Approx 340 Mins. 11 Episodes. 3 DVDs

Format: PAL

Weight: 123 g.

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